You may have seen some of our materials talking about French Seams. But, do you really know what that means?  It sounds fancy, doesn’t it? That’s what we thought, but that’s not why we chose this as a standard feature on a Strasburg Children dress.

Here’s a little explanation about what it really is and why Strasburg Children chose the French Seam Method.

A French Seam is a seam which encloses the raw edge of the fabric creating an elegant finished seam. Here’s an example of a French Seam and typical seam found in children’s clothing.

French Seam – smooth finished edges

Typical Seam - Serged edges with messy threads

So why did we choose to have French Seams?

  1. Our goal has always been to create a quality garment by focusing on every detail possible for quality, comfort and durability. French Seams were a perfect fit for our heirloom quality dresses to be passed down for generations.
  2. Excess stitching and rugged edges can be uncomfortable on a young child’s sensitive skin. A French Seam is stitched twice causing the original seam (that is typically finished off with a serger causing excess thread) to be hidden within the finished seam. The purpose of a French seam is to avoid uncomfortable edges and stitching on a child’s skin which can be irritating.
  3. Exposed Serged edges are more likely to unravel causing unexpected holes. With the seams being tucked inside with the French Seam method, it’s nearly impossible for them to unravel. Any of you moms know this generally happens at the most inopportune times.
  4. We want our Strasburg Girls to feel beautiful but also comfortable in their dress so they can truly play and enjoy their special occasion. French Seams add a level of comfort and durability so kids can play and moms don’t have to worry!



April 07, 2015 — JaNay Nichols

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