National Grandparents Day might not carry the importance that closes schools or slows down the mail, but to parents and littles, fondly referred to as “grands,” it’s a day of great importance as we honor our national treasures. The treasures within our very own villages, who add a layer of richness to our individual and collective families. With healthier lifestyles adding to our life longevity, more children’s lives include great grandparents as well. Four generations gathering together is such a blessing! How perfect that the official flower attached to the day is the lovely forget-me-not!

Rather than the occasional family visits and adventures that most of us remember as children, more grandparents are now embedded in the daily worlds of their children and grandchildren. Some do before and after school care while parents work, volunteer in classrooms and on field trips, cover the soccer and piano practices. Some are the primary care givers during the work day, while others live with their families or have taken over the parenting role completely.

The benefits to everyone are profound. Being “one layer removed” means guiding words from a grandparent might land softer than the same words from a parent. With a less stressful schedule, grandparents typically have more time to just play. Grandparents are a great source of family history, telling stories parents may have forgotten or don’t have the time to tell. Family values and traditions are passed down from grandparents and new traditions and idea passed up from the youngest family members. 

For grandparents, being actively involved in family is a large source of happiness, it keeps their brains and body busy, and is a great deterrent to depression. For parents, it offers a sense of security and support in our busy world. Grandchildren benefit by learning to communicate with adults other than their parents, gaining wisdom, having a better a sense of stability and safely. Kids who have involved grandparents have a lower level of depression as adults, an amazing benefit. It’s an incredible win for each member of the extended family. 

So thank you former President Carter, for declaring the first Sunday in September after Labor Day to be National Grandparent Day back in 1978. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate those who raised us and continue to be a source of love and guidance in all of our lives.


At Strasburg Children, we send out a special message of love and thanks to the Grandmas who call to share that they dressed their children in our clothing as they were growing up and they’re now back to choose designs for their grandchildren!   You have no idea how much these calls warm our hearts…we love hearing from you.

October 01, 2018 — Diane Janowak

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