At Strasburg Children, it’s safe to say that we adore weddings…the craftsmanship of the invitations and décor, the creative and tempting food choices, the stunning bouquets and floral accents, and of course, the flower girls and ring bearers! It’s such a thrill and an honor that we’re invited to be a part of so many weddings.

Even though we’re in the midst of the summer wedding season, which tends to be among the most popular times of year to wed, I have to admit that I’ve fallen for the charm of an outdoor fall wedding.  With its crispness of air, comfort-inspired seasonal food (think apples and pumpkins!), bouquets in shades of stunning burnt oranges, rich reds, and greens, and cocktail hour near a roaring fire, the romance of this season is undeniable. I find the beauty of an outdoor fall wedding irresistible.

What are the elements that have lured me in? Consider these nuggets…

You have a better chance of booking the lovely venue you’ve been eyeing for your reception. The location that is unavailable for the next two years in June thru August is probably open in October…of this year.

Your guests won’t have to work around summer vacations and camps.

You can have a beautiful outdoor wedding without worrying about your guests melting or freezing (in most places). You, and your makeup, won’t melt either.

Your outdoor photos in the sunshine will be amazing with a golden backdrop and you looking fabulous. No need for the small fan to keep the bride from sweating. Your wedding party will appreciate this also.

During fall, as the days get dark earlier and the temperatures begin to cool, there’s a glowing golden light at sunset. Be sure to add this to your photo list, even if it means stepping away your reception for a few minutes.It's the perfect season to wear a classic long-sleeved wedding gown...and longer sleeves for your flower girl. Or add a cozy shrug or shawl over your sleeveless gown. Pull out Grandma’s fur stole you’ve always wanted to wear!

You can wear your favorite boots under your wedding dress. Or you have a great excuse to find a fabulous vintage pair.

Bridesmaids and flower girls can be dressed in beautiful fall-inspired colors or rich jewel tones.

The food! Fall's harvest makes for a warming, wonderfully sensory menu. Think apple cider signature cocktails, a delicious soup course, and donuts for dessert. Pumpkin risotto is in season! Incorporate cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, apples, squash and more into your entrees and desserts. The switch up from the summer wedding menu and flavors will be wonderful.

The natural textures and colors of the season lend themselves to some incredible bouquets and décor - crunchy leaves, pumpkins and squash, votives, and beautiful branches all make lovely decorations.

So yes, I’m smitten with the sights and smells of an outdoor fall wedding. But really, I have yet to meet a wedding season and location I didn’t love. It’s truly one of the best celebrations we have. So congratulations and good luck to all of you brides-to-be…savor the process of planning your special day whenever and wherever it will take place.

August 21, 2020 — Diane Janowak

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