Many of us moms grew up giggling at the antics of two adorable little Princes, William and Harry, enamored with their sweet and very proper English outfits as they explored the world with their much-loved Mum, Princess Diana. The royals were a fascinating breed, unlike anything we Americans could experience on our soil. And now as we dress our own littles, the pleasure has returned with the arrival of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. We can hardly wait to “meet” the new little royal we’ve been hearing about.

While Charlotte’s adorable smocked dresses and bows always bring a smile to our faces, it’s George that warms the hearts of us moms with little boys. We have endless options for dressing our little girls for all occasions. But little boys?  Why would I want to dress my baby in a plaid shirt and khaki pants when that’s what he’ll wear the rest of his life? The choices are so narrow and the window so short for when you can dress your baby/toddler in truly adorable, sweet clothes.

Prince George has changed that with a smile on those chubby cheeks. Thanks to him, we see a proper but very stylish little boy in his sweaters, shorts, knee high socks…even his buckle shoes are adorable. I can’t stop looking at him.

boys upscale shorts outfitWhy always shorts? English tradition, of course. For centuries, young British boys were dressed in gowns for the first few years of their lives, until being “breeched” and graduating to short trousers. It’s a very English thing to dress a young boy in shorts until the age of 8, when they graduate to full-length pants. Especially among British royalty and aristocracy.

Taking a cue from the royal pages in British weddings, one of our original Strasburg Children designs was a boy’s button-on, where the short-sleeve shirt literally attaches with buttons at the waist to a short. It’s a classic style still worn in English and American weddings as well as for Christenings/Baptisms. That boy’s button-on, offered in all white and all ivory, remains in our collection. And now the cuteness for little boys has been expanded. We’ve added a button-on with light blue shorts and trim on the shirt to match our light blue dresses, perfect for a wedding, family portrait, or Easter parade. And for the bride who wants something more formal to coordinate with the groom’s tux we have a button-on with white shirt and black shorts. Add black knee socks and patent leather shoes and that little guy might get more attention than the bride.

So we adore you and we thank you, darling Prince George, for bringing style back for your little buddies!


November 01, 2017 — Diane Janowak

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