I came across this saying recently and was reminded of my early Strasburg Children days learning the roots that formed our company. I’m not Southern by birth, but many years immersed in Strasburg Children culture has given me a wonderfully rich Southern education. (It was a sad day when I finally accepted defeat in growing crepe myrtle trees outside southern borders.) One of my first lessons, which I was informed was also one of the most important, was that Southern girls took their hairbows very seriously. Adding a hairbow was as much a part of the daily routine as brushing teeth or combing hair. And not just any bow would do. It had to be big. As in “if the baby’s about to tip over, you have the right size bow” big.

Big Satin hair bow white

So we’ll continue to search for just the right hairbows to add to our collection, knowing that our beautiful dresses aren’t complete for many of you without that important finishing touch. We’ll help you complete your look, whether it’s a wedding in the grandest church or the sandiest beach.  And we promise to keep them big.



August 04, 2017 — Diane Janowak

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