The flower girl dress debate…white or color?

The flower girl dress debate…white or color?Planning a wedding comes with a long list of details. The overall “theme” and color story is usually the first decision as it sets the tone of the wedding day. (Let’s be honest, more than a few brides-to-be have that determined before the diamond ring reaches their finger!)

Once it’s decided what color the bride, bridesmaids, and groom/groomsmen will wear, we get to our favorite detail – the flower girl dress! We like to call this the “sweet spot” of the wedding planning.

But first…what color should your flower girl  wear? The good news, my dear, is that it’s your choice and there’s no wrong answer.

There are two traditional ways to go when choosing your flower girl dress color.

Your flower girl dress can be white or ivory to match/coordinate with your gown, like a mini bride. A flower girl in white historically is a symbol of purity and sweetness. It also highlights the contrast between the bride and young girl as the passage from childhood to womanhood.

Having matching dresses is a popular choice with brides when their daughter is their flower girl, making the occasion special for the little girl as well as her mother.

The second tradition is to have the flower girl wear the same color as the bridesmaids…or an accent color that coordinates with them. One bride chose the colors dusty blue and blush with white and ivory accents. Her bridesmaids wore dusty blue, the flower girl blush.

A twist on this version is to pull out a color from the bridesmaid bouquets, or bride’s bouquet, and find a dress in that color for the flower girl.

One bride came up with a very clever and fun option to coordinate with multiple colors being worn by bridesmaids – her flower girl wore a long tulle tutu that incorporated all of the colors!

Not sure which tradition you want to follow? Then mix them up with a white dress and colored sash, hairbow, or ribbons on a floral crown.

Once you’ve decided the color and style you’d like her to wear, show your flower girl a few options online to see what she likes. Or take her to the bridal salon where you found your special dress to find one for her. (Keep in mind that she might get overwhelmed with too many options.) Having her involved in the choice will make the experience even more special for both of you. 

The good news is that this decision is truly a personal preference for the bride. Choose a dress that will make her feel special and appreciated…and that isn’t itchy inside. If she likes the dress, her confidence walking down the aisle will be boosted and she will love performing the role!


December 01, 2021 — Diane Janowak

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