With two little girls in our house, we have a lot of dresses. Both girls prefer to wear dresses every day. Maggie asks for “soft dresses” and for Alex, the fancier the better. Then there are many days that they want dresses that match (yes, the matching is their idea). Something I’ve noticed about little girls and dresses, is that size wise, they tend to fit for a long time. We always get 2 years out of them – the first year they may be a bit long or the second year they may be a bit short, but it works. Sometimes even 3 years. With two girls back to back, that can mean a dress can last 4-5 years for us! That being said, if they are not the best quality, there is no way they are lasting that long. So quality is important to me. In addition to all the dresses they wear to play and to school, there are special occasions that call for special dresses. 

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October 27, 2017 — Strasburg Children

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