As you stroll through our collection of dresses, you’ll notice our love of silk dupioni, the fabric many of our styles are designed with.  How has this fabric earned such a prominent place in our hearts?

dupioni silk pink white

It’s irregular, maybe even “bumpy” texture includes two slightly different silk colors that cause a glimmery effect, reflecting the light in a high luster or shine that regular silk isn’t able to do.

The thickness of the fabric holds pleats in place better, resists wrinkles longer, and “poufs” out beautifully when used in a skirt, adding to the important twirl factor.

Did you know that silk dupioni is reversible? Not that we recommend wearing your dress inside out, but in a pinch you could.

So how does silk dupioni turn out differently from other silk? We have snuggling silk worms to thank! When the silkworm cocoons get too close to each other, their fibers become entangled, creating a bumpy silk thread. That tangled thread is woven with a smooth, normal silk thread to make our lovely, slightly bumpy, full of beauty silk dupioni!

 Estella ~ Ivory Silk                  Alice    ~ Pink Silk                    LuLu ~ White Silk


June 20, 2017 — Diane Janowak

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