Our collection’s roots are in the South, originally created in a fine Victorian home in Alabama. The details include heirloom quality – the finest 100% cotton or silk, French seams to assure softness against a child’s skin, smocking and embroidery completed by hand, buttons covered in fabric, dresses with long full skirts that are perfect for twirling, generous 2” hems so a favorite dress could be worn longer as a child grows. And the quality workmanship that kept that favorite dress in the family, being handed down among siblings and generations. Our collection has grown since those early days, but our commitment to heirloom quality will always be the first step we take with a new design.

The tradition continues with the next generation now located back to its roots in Alabama. We hope to continue creating so that one day our little girls may take on the legacy. Our goal is to let little girls stay looking like little girls as long as possible in quality comfortable dresses.

"Because Every Little Girl Deserves to Feel Like a Princess...."