Ready for the Easter Parade!

Ready for the Easter Parade!

It was going to church during the 1870’s that started the early Easter Parade tradition that a few cities have held onto until today.  Groups would gather in a certain area, wearing the clothes they kept for special occasions, and walk solemnly to their church for worship. After the services, they would follow the same path back singing songs of praise.  By the 1880s, the procession after church had become a spectacle of fashion and religious observance, famous in New York and around the country, as families would stroll from their church to see other decorative churches. 

Because I live in a city that doesn’t have an Easter Parade, I’ve decided to create one with family, friends and neighborhood children. Beginning at our house to create Easter hats, the kids will then stroll a couple blocks in our neighborhood, ending at a friend’s house for treats.  We’re having our parade the weekend before Easter since many spend the day with family.  Why not create an Easter Parade where you live? 

March 02, 2022 — Diane Janowak
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What should my flower girl wear?

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Monogram, yes please!

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