In the past we’ve talked about how some dress manufacturers cut “quality corners” in their garments to eliminate costs and speed up the production process, taking the “fast fashion” approach to getting dresses to their stores as quickly as possible. Linings are removed, cheaper fabric is used, seams are finished with serge edges that are scratchy/itchy on tender skin. 

Enter the cotton slip. What seems like a simple garment actually has a big job to do. We know that all dresses aren’t created equal, so we designed a basic 100% cotton white slip with a slightly-lowered neckline to fit under a variety of dress styles, both ours and other brands. It’s finished with French seams for softness against tender skin. We also recommend using a full slip for a skirt that needs more coverage or is clingy as a half-slip creates too much happening at the waist.

Our dresses are finished cleanly, most with French seams, for softness against a little one’s skin. Yet sometimes heirloom fabric is lightweight and delicate-looking…with the sun or bright light behind it, it can be a bit see-through. Layer a cotton slip under the dress for more coverage if you’re concerned about family or individual photos on the beach. At the beach is not the time to discover the sheerness. An easy way to test this before photos is to have your little one go outside on a sunny day in her new dress and position her in different angles from the sun.

There’s a basic slip and a “show” slip that adds volume and shape to a skirt, increasing the twirl factor. That’s where our tulle slip comes in! While this slip also protects from itchy seams, we’ve added layers of tulle to give an extra “pouf” to any full-skirted dress…or skirt! Let the twirling begin!

February 01, 2019 — Diane Janowak

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