Seeing photos of darling little ones in our designs is more than just a reason for us to smile, it’s a reminder of the special place we get to take in a family’s life sharing weddings, Christenings, First Communions, and many other special occasions. It’s an honor and something we truly cherish.

heirloom portrait dressSo why is this photo one of my favorites? This little two-year old who stands sweetly in her Strasburg Children dress is now a 21 year-old young woman finishing her college degree. Her mother recently sent me this photo and explained how the dress is wrapped in tissue and stored in a box, waiting to hopefully be worn by a granddaughter someday. The pearl necklace is tucked in a velvet pouch and stored with the dress.  To me, the heirloom piece of this gift waiting for a little girl is an absolute treasure – to be a part of her mother’s history. Many families purchase Christening gowns from us with the idea that all of the grandchildren will wear it…and then it will be passed to the next generation.

As you’re selecting special gifts or outfits for your little ones, or looking thru the items you already have, think about what can become an heirloom to keep for her little ones…or his little ones! Classic items such as pearls, lockets, jewelry boxes, and silver or gold pieces are among items that can be shared. Look for high quality workmanship and construction so your item ages nicely.

When my daughter was born, we purchased a Tiffany heart charm bracelet with her monogram on it for me to wear…one day it will become hers. Hopefully the connection of my love and strength attached to it will be meaningful to her.

You may have an item from your parents or extended family that you can pass along to your children. An important piece to remember is preserving the item so it survives the aging process well. If it’s a Christening gown or special dress that won’t be worn for a few years or more, it needs to come off the hanger so the fabric isn’t stressed. Wrap the cleaned item in tissue paper in a closed box and keep it in a dry location that isn’t directly affected by air conditioning or heat. Jewelry that isn’t being worn, or items not being used, should also be cleaned, wrapped in tissue or a pouch, and stored safely away.

“Heirloom” is more than just a term we use to describe our designs. We truly appreciate the treasure of an item handed down through families and generations. Our dresses and boy’s items are created with a classic style and sturdy construction to age gracefully. Our freshwater pearl collection is created by hand to care for both the pearls and the strength of the strand together. We take our place in your families seriously and do our best to instill quality workmanship so those items can be treasured for many years…and many little ones.

November 30, 2018 — Diane Janowak

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