A few months ago we got an invite for one of Bob’s brother’s wedding.  A week before Christmas.  In Ohio.  I may have to remind you that we live in Austin, Texas and have two small children.  OF COURSE we were going to go and besides packing, driving (yes, we are crazy!), planning where we would stay, saving some money for the trip, and contacting ALL of our family who seem to live in that state, I sort of forget one very important thing.  What were the girls going to wear?  As a mom who loves to plan, I thought it would be perfect to find a beautiful heirloom dress that could also be great for Christmas pictures.  And – what do you know – Strasburg Children has the most perfect dress that are in both of my girl’s sizes. 

See what dresses Mama's Bacon blog chose for the Christmas wedding!

October 01, 2018 — Strasburg Children

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